Founding Engineer
Founding Engineer

Founding Engineer


Circle Labs lets anyone build their own conversational experiences using foundation models. Ever wonder what it would be like to talk to a cheese, an original character, or your own imaginary bestie?

We are looking for a Founding Engineer who will be responsible for owning the codebase, designing the system architecture, and building the app ground up to handle scale of millions. You will work directly with the CEO (also on the engineering team) to execute product specs with minimal review and oversight. This is an in-person role based out of SF.

As of this writing, we are already experiencing scalability issues as a result of how quickly our platform is growing. So, needless to say, this will be an exciting opportunity from the moment you start working with us :)

TL;DR if u have been tinkering with stuff since you were a kid — we like u.


  • Design and develop highly scalable, available, and reliable backend services to support daily activities.
  • Monitor performance of technical solutions and optimize systems where necessary.
  • Drive all areas of development for our REST API built in Python, MongoDB, AWS, Docker.
  • Identify key areas of improvement for our product and collaborate with other team members to make these improvements a reality.
  • We are a cloud first company and we want to make sure you are thinking about building on cloud technologies (e.g. Zeet, Railway, Docker, etc.).
  • Identify and debug issues with backend systems.


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or equivalent work experience.
  • Experience building and working with reliable, highly available, and scalable backend systems.
  • Experience with our tech stack including NGINX, Python, MongoDB, REST API, AWS deployment, and Docker.
  • You’re data-driven; have a good sense of analytics and building highly observable systems
  • You're a motivated self-starter; able to operate with autonomy.

Day to Day:

  • Hacking and building alongside our CEO
    • Working on features based on user requests
    • Testing hunches in real-time to determine scope of future projects
  • Collaborating with team to iterate from product to demand generation
  • Helping scale to deploy more personalities
  • Handling influx of messages and traffic


  • Experience with GPT-3 API
  • Experience using production toolsets like Mixpanel, Sentry etc.
  • Experience with distribution-focused product development

About Circle Labs

Circle Labs is building a creator platform that lets anyone generate their own AI-powered NPCs.

Our users can describe these characters in natural language and engage in open domain, chit-chat conversations. Once created, these characters can be deployed across every social/communication/gaming platform (Discord, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) with persistent, cross-platform memory.

We are funded by some of the best investors and gaming entrepreneurs in the world including Lightspeed Venture Partners, Haystack, Adobe CPO Scott Belsky, amongst others.

We believe in democratizing access to creativity through AI. We are building a future where anyone can seamlessly turn their imagination into reality.

Why Work At Circle Labs?

Create the Next Reality

Every startup claims they are changing the world. How often do you find one that's building an entirely new reality? Also, we're such a small team, that you'll be working from and learning directly from the founders every day.

We Love Games

Have a favorite game coming out? Take a day off on launch day. We'll even buy you the deluxe version of the game. Play the game. Want to play PS5? Swing by our CEO’s apartment. Want to test out the latest and newest SteamDeck? We have it.

Work In Person

Our San Francisco office is based out of Founders, Inc. We surround ourselves with the highest (talent) density of founders and engineers building frontier technologies. Aspire to start your own company? This is the place to be.

… On Us

Food on us. Travel on us. Games on us. Cool events on us.